Residential Services

What Can You Expect

Imagine doing your laundry and dry cleaning in 2 minutes. One minute to send it out the door and one to bring it back into your home. The hours of washing, drying, and folding are now in the hands of a professional staff who handle your laundry as if it were their own.

Each client’s laundry is washed individually. Your clothes are never mixed with another customer’s. We separate all loads into white, dark color and light color loads. We use premium detergents, bleaches and softeners.

We have a very efficient color coded numbering system to identify each of your bags. The numbering system tracks your order while it’s in the laundry bags, in the washers, dryers, laundry carts and finally in the clean bags that contain your finished order.

Your turnaround time will depend on the level of service you choose for an order. We currently have three levels of service:

  • 1) Standard- Four day turnaround
  • 2) Priority- Two Day turnaround
  • 3) Express- Next Day Service
  • All dry cleaning orders are three day turnaround

Saturday and Sunday pick up and deliveries are on a case by case basis and will be billed at the Express Service rate. Saturday and Sunday count as one day when determining turnaround time.

Our “normal process for washing your clothes is to use a premium quality detergent that contains oxygenated bleach to avoid “accidents” common from using chlorine bleach. We use cold water on dark clothes and hot water on whites.

We use premium softener sheets and the “high” dryer temperature setting for most loads and medium or low heat for synthetic fabrics.

If you wish to provide specialty or non-allergenic products, we will wash your clothes with your product of choice and return any unused portion to you.