Laundry Pricing


What are my pricing options?

Pricing is determined by the weight of your laundry and your desired turnaround time. We weigh your washed, dried, and folded laundry at our facility on a legal scale that is checked for accuracy annually. We accept cash, check, or credit card. Orders paid by cash or check require a $50.00 deposit when we pick up your laundry, any balance will be collected when the order is returned. We can either call you or email your invoice prior to return delivery. Orders paid via credit card do not require a deposit. All dry cleaning must be paid via credit card.

We write up a work order ticket and process your order via the credit or Debit card you provide when you sign up for service. We email you an itemized invoice that includes your charges and payment. There is no credit card information on the invoice. If you prefer, we will provide a hard copy invoice with your returned laundry.

  • 30 lb. minimum for wash, dry, and fold. $45.00 minimum for dry cleaning only, no dry cleaning minimum if you are sending wash, dry and fold. Commercial customers call for pricing. We will accept and process smaller loads but the minimum requirement will be invoiced.

The most economical option is the “Standard Service” and large loads 60 lbs or more (i.e. Two 30”x 40” laundry bags) for $1.50 per pound

 Standard Service- 3 Day Turnaround

 < 30 lbs.                              -$1.75/lb

31-59 lbs.                             -$1.65/lb

60+ lbs.                                -$1.50/lb

Priority Service- 2 Day Turnaround

< 30 lbs.                                -$2.00/lb

31-59 lbs.                              -$1.90/lb

60+ lbs,                                 -$1.80/lb

Express Service- Next Day

 <30 lbs.                                -$2.25/lb

31-59 lbs.                             -$2.15/lb

60+ lbs.                                 -$2.00/lb

*Any order containing dry cleaning will require a 4 day turnaround

Blankets/Comforters         – $15.00/ea (Twin)

$20.00/ea (Queen)

$25.00/ea (King)

Bath Rugs                             -$4.00/ea

Large Rugs (Up to 4’x6’)    -$15.00/ea