Commercial Services

What Can You Expect

Every business has unique laundry needs. Our service is set up to address the requirements of the Commercial Non Industrial customer. There are many companies that service hospitals and large institutions. Our niche is providing the white glove service needed for those businesses that require attention to detail and reliable quality on a daily or weekly basis. Your linen is never thrown into large tunnel washers and dryers and then folded and handled by machines. Each piece of your linen is individually inspected, stain treated, and processed by trained members of our staff. We meet the specific water temperature and handling requirements of specialty customers such as restaurants and medical laundry. We have the ability to chemically treat the special stains that your business deals with on a regular basis.

We provide special pricing, payment, and scheduling options to our commercial partners based on your specific needs. We provide peace of mind in knowing that your laundry is done professionally at a cost effective price each and every time.